Sunday, September 5, 2010


To our sweet son; there aren’t enough words to tell you how desperately we miss you. There are a million things we’d love to share with you, but this simple letter could never be enough to tell you of all the hopes and dreams we had for you. From meeting your best bud, Dyna, to watching you grow, leading you in a relationship with Jesus, and teaching you how to play baseball and golf; we had so many dreams and had never been so excited for the future.

We were overjoyed when we learned that God had blessed us with you… a son. Without a doubt, one of the happiest and proudest days of our lives was the day you were born; the day we became a family. God truly blessed us and answered our prayers; you were, and still are, more perfect in every way than we ever could have imagined. Our family will never be quite complete without you here, but you will always be our son.

It is hard to tell you how very much we love you; it’s a love we’d never known or understood until you were born. We wish we would have had more time with you… much, much more time with you to show you that love. I’m so sorry, sweet boy, that so much of your precious time with us was spent unfairly in the hospital, and that we couldn’t protect you from all you endured. We were and still are in awe of your strength through everything, Aaron, and your name will be a constant reminder of that.

We know that you are no longer suffering and are enjoying the magnificence that is Heaven. We know that you are with our Father, who loved you long before we knew you. And we know that you are safe; away from the danger and suffering of this world. We are thankful and comforted by that, but the only thing that would bring us happiness and joy would be having you back with us again… the way things were supposed to be. Our hearts are broken and we miss you, sweet boy. We love you more than you’ll ever know and more than words can describe. Aaron, you’ll always be our son… no one could ever replace you. We wouldn’t trade the short time we had with you for anything in this world, except a bit more time together.

One day soon we will join you in Heaven; we can’t wait to see you again and finally enjoy all the things we had planned with you. Don’t grow up too fast… we still need to hold you and rock you and sing lullabies since we didn’t get a chance before. Always remember: We love you, and miss you deeply.

Love Always,
Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Thinking of you guys daily. It's a long road you face, but you know God has prepared you for each day as it comes. Blessings to you both and lots of love from the Salzas!


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