Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gift of Memories

A couple weeks ago, Dan and I were given a priceless gift that we will cherish for the rest of our lives...we were given the gift of memories that will not fade. How do you even begin to thank those who capture sacred last moments for families and provide parents with the amazing blessing of intimate portraits with and of their children whose lives are cut far too short. The professional photographers that volunteer their time for the organization "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" are truly a blessing to the families they serve. Katherine Payne, from Katherine Payne Photography, gave us the gift of memories with Aaron...memories with our son, without all of the IV's, tubes and machines that were a part of him from minutes after he came into the world...priceless memories of holding him and being together as a family. Here is a slideshow of many of our favorites:

Again, what an amazing blessing this organization is to families. These photos are a reminder that Aaron was here, was a part of our lives and is a part of our family forever...they are also a part of healing as we remember and cherish our son as a beautiful gift from God. 

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep:


  1. Such a precious baby!! We have been missing him bad these past couple of days. So glad you have the pictures to keep his memory fresh, to have something to hold onto, to help you remember all those great details of his sweet body, to share with friends and family.....Great job on the slideshow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a handsome and sweet, sweet boy. I'm so glad you have these awesome memories! Love you guys!

  3. Such a beautiful family. Thinking of you lots... Much love to you.

  4. Hey i was reading your story..I know how you feel i gave birth to my angel too on august 25,2009 a year ago she had hypertrophy cardiomyopathy I only had her for 6 1/2 she pass to a better place with all the angel..Serena is my angel i know are angel are doing good.I know is hard my angel has been gone now 6 months and its been so hard.Your angel is beautiful..

    My name is mayra and this my blog too just follow me too are journey is the same..But get so different i know i hear from you..

  5. These are such beautiful images. Katherine is a very talentet photographer and such a special person, I'm so glad she was the one to be there for your family. She shared your blog and it was such an honor to read about your angel.

    May your journey continue to include healing and love.

    -Dominique Lucas (NILMDTS)


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