1 in 100: CHD Resources

If you have happened upon this blog because you have received a similar diagnosis, my heart goes out to you. I'm so very sorry. But, I am glad that you are here...researching, connecting and surrounding yourself with other heart families and arming yourself with knowledge. Always remember to have HOPE; there are a lot of healthy heart kiddos out there...

Here are some resources that may be of some help if you are beginning a heart journey:

An overview of Pulmonary Atresia

Blog: Heart defects, for everyone

Fantastic Website: 1in100.org

An online support group for Hypoplastic Right Hearts: http://www.hypoplasticrighthearts.org/

Stephanie offers great resources, wisdom and advice about "the heart journey":  When life hands you a broken heart...create hope

A great resource for parents and any heart defects:  Heart Baby Home

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